Although interior décor in 2022 took a pared-back and neutral approach with sage greens and natural wooden materials taking centre stage, it seems things are about to get a little more experimental in 2023!

Thinking of giving your home a refresh this year? We’ve pulled together the latest trends that are in, out, and staying about in 2023.


Decorative borders and stencilling

Source: Henry Prideaux, London Georgian Townhouse

A natural progression from the panelling that’s adorned our Instagram screens over recent years, decorative borders and stencilling is set to be the new hot trend taking over our walls.

No doubt inspired by the elegant interiors shown on TV shows such as The Crown, Bridgerton and The Gilded Age, wall mouldings are back in a big way for 2023.

This trend is a great way to add personalisation and character to a new-build home, and it’s inexpensive!

Sunset colours

Source: Dulux (left); Graham & Brown (right)

After years of grey and white interiors, things seem to be heating up! With Pantone’s ‘Vivid Magenta’ and Dulux’s ‘Wild Wonder’ as colours of the year, it seems we will be seeing more warm and golden tones in our homes.

Take inspiration from the deepest extents of the sunset colour spectrum for an on-trend look – from sizzling paprika to soothing lavender.

Dark academia

Credit: James Laing (left)

Perhaps the most exciting trend of 2023 is dark academia. Similar to decorative borders and stencilling, this concept is born from a desire to return to a more traditional style of décor and leans heavily on ‘masculine’ colours and textures to create moody and atmospheric interiors.

Think vintage furniture, heavy curtains, leatherbound books, and lots of texture.

Oversized lamps and statement shades

Source: House of Hipsters (left); Soho Home (right)

Sitting hand-in-hand with dark academia is the trend of layered lighting. From wall mounted lights to oversized lamps, 2023 is the year of using lighting to create a moody yet inviting atmosphere in the home.

Statement stone

Credit: Floto Warner

Marble is back, but not in the way we remember it! This new take on statement stone will be bolder and darker than before, with designers opting for big, sweeping slabs of black and brown marble to add depth, intrigue, and sophistication to interiors.


Cool, grey interiors

Source: Coco Lapine Design

The basis of many popular aesthetics from Coastal to Scandinavian, cool greys and brilliant whites have dominated interior colour palettes for the past few years. More recently, however, people have started to fall out of love with the light colour palette due to, its impracticality, its impersonality, and its lack of warmth.

Small, floating shelves

Source: The House of Silver Lining (left); Credit: Sarah Elliott Photography (right)

A hangover from the modern farmhouse movement, stacked floating shelves will be taking a sharp exit from interior designers’ mood boards in 2023. In their place will be long, wall-to-wall shelves which act as an extension of your kitchen backsplash to elongate the space and achieve a sleeker look.

Light wood tones

Just as quickly as the dark academia trend has entered the scene, light wood tones will be leaving it. Instead, people will be opting for darker, heavier materials to make interiors feel cosier, nostalgic, and timeless.

Mid-century modern

Source: Amy Lau Design (left); House of Hipsters (right)

We all know trends are cyclical, and as such it seems we are ditching the stoic and practical tend of mid-century modern and moving headfirst towards the more experimental and chic designs of the 70s and 80s.


Source: Dunelm (left); BRABBU (right)

Just as we’re shifting towards darker woods and curved furnishings to create cosy home interiors, we’re moving away from the clinical and impersonal trend of industrialism that has dominated interiors in recent years.

Staying around

Sustainable living

Source: Caroline Allen (left); Zebra Homeware (right)

Still a hot trend for 2023, designers expect that sustainable living will continue into the mid-2020s. After the pandemic made us crave more bespoke interiors, we’re finding more value in vintage and upcycled one-of-a-kind pieces, and taking greater care in sourcing furniture from responsible manufacturers.

Wooden and natural materials

Source: Parachute (left); Parachute (right)

An offshoot of sustainable living, we’ve been introducing more wooden and natural materials into our homes over the past couple of years thanks to their grounding and earthy feel which makes us feel warm and cosy. Although they may be evolving into different shades and colours, it seems natural materials will be popular for the foreseeable future.


Source: Our Faux Farmhouse (left); Luke Arthur Wells (right)

Make no doubt about it, the hottest trend of the 2020s is here to stay. From shaker style and wainscoting to shiplap and fluting, panelling is so versatile that we expect it to become more standard than exception in newly decorated homes.


Source: House of Hipsters (left); House of Hipsters (right)

We’ll continue to see plump and circular furniture and accessories throughout 2023, just perhaps with a little more 70s and 80s-inspired eccentrics. Perfect, rounded curves will take a backseat while experimental and psychedelic shapes occupy centre stage.

Have you taken inspiration from these 2023 trends? A new-build home is the perfect blank canvas on which to bring your vision to life and really make your home your own!

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