Bridgerton home inspo

Fallen in love with the gorgeous pastel palettes and aesthetic golden accessories of Bridgerton? You're not alone!

Since the first season aired in 2020, the demand for Regency-inspired home décor has skyrocketed, with high-street retailer Dunelm introducing their own Regency range and Wedgwood accessories becoming ever more popular on our Instagram feeds.

Now, the gorgeous interiors and heavenly gardens don’t have to simply be an on-screen fantasy – we’ve pulled together a complete guide of where to buy beautiful Regency-inspired pieces and how to infuse a dash (or two!) of Bridgerton glamour into your home!

Get the Bridgerton Look Colour Palettes

1. Mylands, Bloomsbury No 267; 2. Frank Thomas Interiors; 3. Mylands, Mid Wedgwood No 113; 4. John Lewis; 5. Homebase; 6. Mylands, FTT-002; 7. Little Greene, Pale Wedgwood; 8. Farrow and Ball

Pastel Palettes

From regal blues and earthy greens to fiery pinks and calming lilacs, there are endless spring-time shades to be inspired by on the Bridgerton colour palette!

Whereas the Bridgerton home’s Wedgwood blue reflects their high social standing and calm nature, the purple and pink hues favoured by Lady Danbury amplify her passionate and feminine nature.

These beautiful shades are all contrasted and complemented by shades of champagne, gold, brass, and dark wood to elevate the interiors and infuse an air of sophistication into the homes of our favourite Bridgerton families.

Wanting to try your hand at modernising the Bridgerton colour palette? Calming pastels such as blues and greens work wonderfully in bedrooms and living areas, whereas darker tones such as those favoured by Eloise Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings will add an air of masculinity and refinement to home offices and guest bedrooms.

Get the Bridgerton Look Metals and Materials

9. Heal’s; 10. Feather and Black; 11. Nkuku; 12. Pavilion Broadway; 13. Heal’s; 14. Wayfair; 15. Dunelm; 16. The Cotswold Company; 17. The Home Market; 18. Furniture Village; 19. John Lewis

Metals and Materials

It’s impossible to watch Bridgerton and not admire the beautifully carved console tables, brass handles, caned chairs, and sabre-legged furniture that ooze elegance and offer a real ‘regal’ charm.

Dark, heavy woods like mahogany, walnut, and rosewood create a stunning backdrop for some of our favourite Bridgerton scenes, and these timeless pieces look beautiful when paired with contrasting materials such as oak and gold. Erris recommends combining oak dining chairs with a mahogany dining table for a modern yet classic look.

Simply wanting to add a touch of Regency-style elegance to your home? Swapping modern handles for antique-looking brass knobs is an easy way to ensure your most treasured pieces would get the nod of approval from Queen Charlotte herself.

Get the Bridgerton Look Accessories

20. Dunelm; 21.Dunelm; 22. Oliver Bonas; 23. Wedgwood; 24. Pavilion Broadway; 25. Dunelm; 26. Wayfair; 27. Barker and Stonehouse; 28. MADE; 29. Amaranthine Blooms

Aesthetic Accessories

Bridgeton’s breathtaking sets would be nothing without their alluring attention to detail and perfectly placed accessories that immerse us completely in the story.

From gilded mirrors and luscious rugs to statement vases and antique ornaments, there are countless ways to draw inspiration from Bridgerton and get creative with your home décor!

Layering accessories and mixing textures such as velvet, cotton, and wood are sure-fire ways to give your home a makeover so regal that Lady Whistledown herself would be unable to find a fashion faux pas.

Get the Bridgerton Look Lighting

30. Dunelm; 31. La Redoute; 32. Dunelm; 33. The Lighting Company; 34. Dunelm; 35. Castlegate Lights; 36. John Lewis

Luscious Lighting

Nothing ties Regency-inspired décor together quite like luxurious lighting! Whether you love extravagant chandeliers or you’re more partial to a statement table lamp, Regencycore is easy enough to play around with and mould to your individual taste.

Wall lamps make for a moody yet sophisticated vibe in home offices and bedrooms, whereas eye-catching chandeliers and statement fixtures work beautifully over dining tables and in hallways.

When it comes to window treatments, layered curtains ooze elegance whilst also softening the light that comes into each room. Thick, heavy drapes reaching up to the ceiling ensure the regal and sophisticated mood of each room is emphasised, and sheer white voile curtains add depth and refinery.

Get the Bridgerton Look Gardens

37. Primrose; 38. B&Q; 39.B&Q; 40. PJH Garden Furniture; 41. Amazon; 42. Wayfair

Gorgeous Gardens

What would Bridgerton be without breathtaking gardens pocked with pristine rosebushes and wisteria waterfalls?

Regencycore gardens are all about gratifying the senses with symmetry, interesting shapes, and dizzying smells. Simple topiary, like cones and spheres, and strongly scented blooms such as lavender, star jasmine and peonies will help transform your garden from a pocket of grass to the talk of the ton.

Stone water features such as tiered fountains and bird baths help to create a stately and soothing place to relax in the sun, and where better to unwind than under a beautiful pergola covered with colourful climatic climbing plants? Just don’t forget your pastel-coloured parasol!

Have you been inspired by these fairy-tale interiors?

Want to try your hand at creating a Regencycore home worthy of Queen Charlotte’s approval? We want to see your journey!

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Main image credit: Barlow & Barlow; Bridgerton interiors image credit: Netflix; Bottom left chair image credit: For People Design; Pergola image credit: Home Depot