Couple moving home

So, you’ve reserved your new home and now you’re getting ready for the big day! You might be wondering, what next?

Moving into a new home is exciting but the logistics can still be overwhelming even for the most experienced home mover. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a complete checklist of things you need to remember, do, and pack ready for handover day.

Simply copy this checklist into the Notes app on your phone and get packing!

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Preparing to move


[] Keep in touch with your solicitor for updates

[] Confirm any prohibited items with your removal company

[] Order a door number

[] Keep all important documents and valuable items in one place

[] Gather together any house keys you may have given to friends and family

[] Pack everyone an overnight bag including toiletries and medication

[] Make plans for your first meal in your new home – whether it’s a takeaway, oven pizzas, or a ready meal!


Changing addresses



[] Gas/electricity

[] TV license

[] Water

[] Internet provider

[] BT/landline

[] Mobile phones

[] Satellite provider



[] DVLA – V5

[] Car insurance

[] Driving license

[] Breakdown provider



[] Bank/building societies

[] Credit cars

[] Council tax

[] Pension


[] Stocks and shares

[] Store/loyalty cards

[] Subscriptions and deliveries

[] Bus passes/ID cards

[] Student loan providers

[] Warranties and insurance (home insurance, pet insurance, appliance warranties)



[] Doctors

[] Opticians

[] Dentist

[] Vets



[] Family

[] Friends

[] Schools/colleges/universities

[] Employers

[] Electoral roll

[] Sports clubs

[] Window cleaners, bin cleaners, house cleaners, milk deliveries

Don’t forget to get in touch with Royal Mail to redirect your post!


On the day


[] Take a final meter reading of your old home

[] Familiarise yourself with your Homeowner Handbook and user manuals


Make an essentials pack

[] Toilet roll

[] Bottle opener/corkscrew/wine glasses (you deserve it!)

[] Tea/coffee/sugar

[] Kettle

[] Mug and spoons

[] Milk, juice, snacks

[] Handwash and towels

[] Washing up liquid

[] Bin liners

[] Chargers

[] Scissors

[] Music speaker (because you can’t unpack in silence!)

[] Small first aid kit (for those pesky cardboard box papercuts)


If you have children…

[] Changing supplies, formula, and snacks

[] Change of clothes

[] Baby wipes

[] A few toys and books, or downloaded YouTube videos and TV episodes


If you have pets…

[] Pet food and dishes

[] Lead

[] Treats

[] Litter box

[] Poo bags

[] Toys

[] Medication

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