Our Core Values

At Erris Homes we pride ourselves in turning houses into homes. In order for us to do this, we ensure that our core values run throughout everything that we do. Our core values are:

PRIDE - We are proud and passionate Yorkshire homebuilders.

DREAM - Our dream is your dream. At Erris Homes we strive to turn your dreams into reality.

TRUST - Trust in us to deliver on value, efficiency, quality and performance.

COMMUNITY - To us it’s not just a development, we build a community.

JOURNEY - Your journey is our journey; together every step of the way.

Our Energy Efficiency Policy

It doesn’t matter if you are cosying up on the sofa watching netflix or the kids are in their rooms playing computer games, you can rest assured that your energy bills aren’t costing the earth in your new Erris Home.

A new Erris Home can be over 50% more energy efficient than standard housing stock using the same energy suppliers. modern, very effective building techniques are used at Erris Homes such as additional airtightness measures, super insulated roof spaces, intelligent double-glazing and high efficiency boilers which all make sure draughts and general heat loss won’t cause you any frosty winter chills.

In some cases you can save over £1,300 a year on your heating bills* compared to other average UK homes. Using some smart techniques to be more energy efficient, these savings could be even greater.

* Zero Carbon Hub and NHBC Foundation 2012.

Our Energy Efficiency Features

All our Erris Homes have the following energy efficiency features as standard.

  • The PIR insulation used in the roof and the installation protocols are to a high specification retaining heat more efficiently to keep you warm and the running costs down
  • Award winning boilers to keep you cosy and reduce your energy bills because of their built-in intelligent controls
  • Intelligent glazing that reduces heat loss, traps in UV heat from the sun, with great acoustic properties
  • Low energy light fittings to lower your electricity usage
  • Independent monitoring at key construction stages and post completion testing ensure we maximise the quality and efficiency of every house
  • Air tight construction techniques, combined with post completion testing further improve thermal performance by keeping the cold and noise out of the home

Our Responsible Building Ethos

At Erris Homes we understand our responsibility to our customers, the communities we help build and our role within society as an ethical and responsible new home builder. We practice these values across everything that we do. Whether it’s by keeping very high standards from an environmental point of view, by being clear and transparent with our customers and how we continue to communicate with the wider area where we provide families with new homes.