With the rising cost of fuel causing all of us to hold our purse strings a little tighter, it seems that new-home owners are coming up trumps when it comes to paying their energy bills.

A recent study from Home Builders Federation (HBF) discovered that while existing-home owners could expect to pay approximately £4,170 per year on their energy bills from October 2022, new-home owners will save approximately £2,630 annually with core energy costs (gas and electric) of just £1,539 per year– that’s less than £129 per month!

New build home energy costs

Source: 'Watt A Save' HBF Report October 2022.

These savings are thanks to modern building practices and technology used by new home builders like Erris Homes, including combination boilers, well-insulated cavity walls, and water-saving facilities. As a result, the average new build proprerty uses approximately 9094 kWh a year, compared to older properties which use an annual average of 21621 kWh.

We are pleased to say that, as a result of our energy-efficient building methods - which exceed regulations-, Erris homes offer an Energy Performance Certificate of either ‘A’ or ‘B’ – this is compared to just 4% of existing properties which are rated ‘B’!‡

But the good news doesn't stop there - in addition to these yearly savings, several mortgage lenders have also begun to offer ‘green mortgages’ which provide preferential interest rates or cashback to owners of energy-efficient homes.

Have you been considering moving into a new-build home? Browse our new homes across Yorkshire and you could save up to £2,630 a year on your energy bills!


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*'Watt A Save' HBF Report October 2022 p.6.

‡ 'Watt A Save' HBF Report October 2022 p.4.