Whereas home décor in 2021 was inspired opulent velvets and maximalist cottagecore, interior trends in 2022 are taking everything back to basics with natural materials and colour palettes dominating designers’ inspiration boards and sustainability becoming ever more prevalent.

Whether your new year’s resolution is to give your home décor a serious revamp or you’re looking for inspiration for your next home, Erris Homes’ top five trends of 2022 are sure to excite your inner interior designer.

Eco-friendly furniture

A huge trend that (we hope!) won’t go away, sustainability in home décor has been ever-evolving as sustainable products become more readily available on the mass market. 2022 will be no different, with more environmentally sustainable materials such as linen, wood, stone, and cotton products becoming increasingly common in our homes and second-hand shopping gaining popularity.

Source: Habbio (left); Wall Art Wall Decor (right)

A pioneer of sustainable furniture is none other than Habbio, the creators of ‘the world’s most sustainable sofa.’ Made from 85% recycled materials with the ability to add extra seats as your family grows, a Habbio sofa is the epitome of modern-day sustainability.

We expect to see more adaptable and responsibly sourced furniture become a staple in homes across the UK in 2022.

Pre-loved pieces

Gone are the days when you would have to trawl through stuffy antique stores for a unique pre-loved find – with the rise of Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and eBay, finding second-hand treasures is now easier and more affordable than ever. Vintage and pre-loved items are a fantastic way to add character to any room, but they particularly shine in new-build homes where you can put your own stamp on a room from day dot.

Source: Caroline Allen (left); Zebra Homeware (right)

If browsing second-hand shops and antique stores is your gig, following your favourite vintage hotspots on Instagram and Facebook means you can even spot your next find from the comfort of your sofa.


Upcycling goes hand in hand with hunting down one-of-a-kind vintage items for your home. Whether it’s fixing up a worn cabinet or transforming a gaudy vase into a statement piece à la Erris homeowner @thedillons_atno.4 (below), there are countless ways to give pre-loved items a new lease of life in your new-build home.

Source: Instagram @thedillons_atno.4

Tip: Get inspired by these 4 genius ways to upcycle second-hand furniture on The Erris Life blog.

Beautiful biophilia

A hangover from the previous two years, biophilia is being taken to the extreme in 2022 as homeowners embrace more natural materials, colours, textures, and shapes. In addition to even more house plants (at this point, our homes are overgrown!), expect to see more furniture made from natural materials on your Instagram feed this year as rattan chairs, stone side tables, and cork accessories emerge to take the spotlight.

Source: Newsam show home (left); @mygrandparentschair (right)

Also continuing summer 2021 trends, curved furniture and statement pieces will persevere as a popular and eye-catching way of softening harsher edges and infusing drama into everyday décor. From alcove shelving and rounded headboards to shapely coffee tables and donut vases, there are countless ways to embrace this playful trend and inject some 70s-style wavy funk into your décor. Whereas new-build homes may not come with built-in alcoves for shelving, it’s easy to create the effect – just take inspiration from @mygrandparentschair on Tik Tok who transformed their IKEA Billy bookcases into magazine-worthy statement shelves (above).

Another old favourite is also making a comeback after years of opulent velvets dominating Pinterest boards – leather! Sustainably sourced and vintage leather or faux leather chairs, sofas, and benches add a chic masculine touch to any room and beautifully complement other natural materials such as linen and cotton.

Source: Malham show home

Wondering how to pair these trends together? The beautiful leather dining chairs in our Malham show home pair perfectly with this circular reclaimed wooden dining table, textured dining set, and exposed brick wallpaper (above).

Tantalising textures 

Just as natural materials are a hot trend for 2022, natural textures are also following suit. Whether it’s a warm wood grain which takes the centre stage or brutalist concrete furniture and accessories, there are endless ways to incorporate this timeless trend into your décor.

Source: Malham show home (left); Within the Grove (right)

When it comes to accessories and softer furnishings, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are in high demand not only for their sustainable benefits but for their pared-back textures which offer a sophisticated and relaxed quality.

A favourite of our Newsam show home designer Jeanette Holmes, textured wall coverings and slatted panelling are also a hot topic for 2022. A natural evolution from the more basic panelling that littered our feeds in 2021, slatted panelling is a unique way of adding character to a new-build home and zoning open-plan spaces whilst also providing the illusion of taller ceilings.

Have you taken inspiration from these 2022 trends? A new-build home is the perfect blank canvas on which to bring your vision to life and really make your home your own!

Browse new homes in Yorkshire today and you could be moved into a beautiful new Erris home by summer 2022!