Erris Homes was delighted to hear some very encouraging news from one of our waste management and recycling partners with the release of the 2023 Impact Report from Leeds Wood Recycling.

The organisation got in touch to thank Erris Homes for supporting their work in diverting timber from the waste stream, reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs, and supporting work experience placements. We received certificates in recognition of the positive impact of the wood collection programme at both our site in Harrogate and our latest development at Calder Mews in Greetland.

Erris Homes are immensely proud to report that our support for Leeds Wood Recycling has achieved a significant impact across our sites in Harrogate and Greetland, with a total of 111 cubic yards diverted from waste, in addition to 5.6 tonnes of CO2 saved in 2023. During the same period, the programme also created 16 paid jobs, trained 37 volunteers, and facilitated 22 specialised work experience placements for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

One of the core aims of Leeds Wood Recycling is to reduce the amount of wood ending up in landfill. Their amazing band of volunteers are always busy re-nailing, repurposing, and reusing wood, and recovering unused timber from construction sites is a big part of their work. The team collected a total of 989 tonnes of wood in 2023, amounting to 494 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved, and an impressive total of 190 tonnes of wood was recycled in-house.

Jen from Leeds Wood Recycling had this to say:

“Leeds Wood Recycling would like to thank you for using our waste wood collection service over the past year. 2023 was a year where the team has upskilled and stretched to learn new things and we thank you once again for your support throughout this journey. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you to make even more positive change in the year ahead.”

To find out more about Leeds Wood Recycling, visit their website at

You can also read their impact report by clicking here.