How to get your home ready for autumn

How to prepare your home for autumn

The nights are getting darker, the mornings are getting colder, Christmas presents line the supermarket shelves (already?!) and you’re starting to wonder whether it’s too early to stock up on de-icer. Autumn is definitely on the way, and with it brings an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and prepare your home for the colder months. Whether you’re green fingered, décor obsessed or more of a practical thinker, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide of things you might want to consider in your home as we move into autumn.

Home care

How to get your home ready for autumn

Clear your drainage

It’s always good practice to regularly clean your rainwater drains and check your gutters are free from obstructions and debris, but it is common to see a build up of fallen leaves in drain pipes around this time of the year. Take a look at Good Housekeeping’s advice on the best way to clean gutters and make sure to keep on top of this chore throughout winter.


Get warmed up

Although you typically don’t need to bleed your radiators as often in a new build home, it is still recommended to check your radiators as the colder months approach. If the top section of your radiator feels cold whilst the bottom is nice and warm (or the entire radiator feels cold), you may need to bleed your radiator.

Deep clean

The return of Autumn signals a return to rich food, hearty meals, and a lot of Christmas baking. This is a great time to deep clean your oven ahead of the busy festive period and give your future self a break from even thicker layers of build up!


Home décor
How to get your home ready for autumn How to get your home ready for autumn


Cosy up

It’s impossible to head into Autumn and not think of Pinterest-worthy blankets, warming candles and cosy cushions! You don’t have to splash the cash to give your home a seasonal makeover; tartan, checks, and tweed are all staple patterns for curating an autumnal haven and look fantastic on small items such as cushions, bedspreads, and even lampshades!

When it comes to candles, it’s completely up to you. Cinnamon, pumpkin, and ginger are common favourites for this time of year, but fresher scents such as orange, amber and fir hit the spot just as well. Undecided? Take a look at these eleven candles that are guaranteed to infuse your home with autumn spirit.

Keep out the cold

Although a new build home will keep out the cold better than others, you may still feel a chill throughout as the temperature drops outside. If you want to keep your family warm and still cut down on your heating bill, try using your furniture as a natural insulator against the cold. Placing larger items such as bookshelves and sofas against exterior walls. Investing in lined curtains and rugs will also keep your home toasty and save you money in the long run! Similarly, over-stuffed and skirted furniture such as dining chairs and pouffes will stop cold draughts in their tracks and act as an additional thermal barrier.


Garden care

How to get your home ready for autumn

Trim and proper

Make the last of the waning summer sun and give your garden one last trim before the rainy season starts. Gardeners also recommend pruning shrubs and bushes to keep them healthy and adding fertiliser to mowed lawns to protect them from damage over winter.

Let there be light

For many of us, our gardens have been a welcome respite from the constraints of lockdown over the summer and it doesn’t look like this is about to change. Make the most of your garden during the darker months and invest in ambient outdoor lighting! Whether it’s solar lights, outdoor lanterns or even a fire pit, there are plenty of options for all budgets and households.

Be prepared

Did you know autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs ready for spring as the soil is still warm? If you want your bulbs to flower in March, the majority of them need to be planted by the end of September at the latest. Daffodils, snowdrops and tulips are popular spring bloomers to plant in the autumn – have a look at the eight best spring flowers to plant over the coming weeks ready for spring.

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