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It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re flocking to warmer shores abroad or enjoying the wonders of the Great British countryside, there are certain things which can slip your mind during the excitement of planning a getaway – such as how to make sure your home is in tip top condition when you return!

We’re talking about more than just bringing your electric timers out of temporary retirement and double-checking the locks on your windows; here are 14 things you mustn’t forget to do before you vacate your home over the holidays.

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Around the home

1. Clean and tidy

In between packing your suitcases and checking your travel itinerary, hoovering your home and disinfecting surfaces may be the last thing you want to do before jetting off abroad. However, ants, mites and other critters can quickly form an infestation if crumbs are left in cupboards, on worktops or around breakfast tables.

Save yourself a headache and spare an hour to give your home a quick clean before you leave for you holiday – plus, it’s always nice to return to a tidy home!

2. Unplug all unnecessary appliances

Not only does this reduce the risk of an electrical fire while you’re away, but you’ll also be saving on your energy bills – meaning you might not be as upset when you see the price of a family’s waterpark admission on your holidays!

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3. Set out fresh bedding

There’s nothing like that first night in your own bed after a holiday, is there? If you’re only away for a short period, why not put fresh sheets on your bed before you leave to make the experience of coming home extra special?

4. Keep doors open

Unless you have fire doors in your home, it’s a good idea to keep your doors and trickle vents open while you’re away to let air flow through your home and prevent any musty smells from developing.

Top tip: Keep your dishwasher and washing machine doors open to air out the insides and prevent any sitting water from smelling funky!

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5. Refresh your home scent

If you really don’t want to return to a musty-smelling home, remember to top up your air fresheners and rotate your reed diffusers. Looking to go a little further? Set a few bowls of potpourri around your home!

6. Reschedule your subscriptions

Although getting the newspaper delivered every day may be a thing of the past for most of us, there are some home deliveries you may forget to rearrange in the excitement of planning your holiday. Whether it’s the milkman delivery or an Amazon subscription, make sure to either reschedule or arrange for them to be left with a neighbour.

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7. Set your boiler

You’re not the only one who should be in holiday mode; your boiler should be too! All Erris new build homes come complete with energy-efficient combi boilers which means you don’t have to turn it off completely when leaving home for a couple of weeks. Simply set your boiler to holiday mode to keep the temperature low while you’re away.  

8. Switch off your water supply

The last thing you want when you return from a relaxing holiday is the stress of a flooded home! While new build homes are less prone to leaky pipes than existing homes which may have experienced more wear and tear, it’s still a good idea to turn off the water to your dishwasher and your washing machine to avoid leaks.

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9. Clear out your fridge

Remember to eat, freeze, or throw out any food in your fridge that will go out of date before you return from your holidays. It’s also a good idea to freeze any leftover milk or purchase a carton of long-life milk so you’re able to have a nice brew when you get home (it’s never the same on holiday, is it?!).

10. Store some snacks and ready meals

Is there anything worse than getting home after a trip and being faced with bare cupboards?

Make sure to purchase a few cupboard snacks and freezer meals to keep you going until you can stock up again.

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11. Schedule a food delivery

No, we don’t mean ordering a takeaway on your trip home from the airport (although this is a great idea too!). Scheduling a grocery delivery for the day after you return from your travels means you can spend more time unpacking and preparing for your return to work and less time queuing for the tills in Tesco.


12. Throw out old flowers

Whereas it’s a great idea to set potpourri out before you travel, don’t forget to throw out any fresh flowers around your home to stop them rotting and shedding in their vases whilst you’re away.

Watering cactus with watering spike

13. Make sure plants are looked after

While most houseplants should be good for a couple of weeks after watering if they’re not sat in direct sunlight, some species such as ficus trees and palm plants aren’t quite so low maintenance. Set up some self-watering spikes for fussy plants and ask a friend or family member to give them a good misting if necessary.

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14. Mow your lawn

An overgrown lawn is one of the first indicators to a burglar that your home is empty, so make sure to mow your lawn just before you jet off on your travels. If you’re leaving home for more than a week, drop your blade one setting lower than usual and raise the blade two notches on your return to keep you from taking too much off and scalping your lawn. Remember to give your garden a good watering both before you leave and after you return!

Need something to look forward to after your holidays? Start your new home journey with Erris and get that ‘just landed’ feeling in a brand-new home!


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