Benefits of Open-Plan Living

Since the 1990s, buyers seeking a new family home are increasingly seeking open-plan living space. Existing homeowners often spend thousands remodelling their home to achieve an inviting and spacious open-plan living area, and over half of new-home buyers state that some element of open-plan living is a ‘must-have’.  

All of our luxury new homes in Huddersfield feature an open plan floor for living, dining and cooking, but why is this trend so popular and what are the benefits of living open plan?

Family time

With the rise of technology and increasing in work commitments, many families have expressed a need to spend more quality time together in the home. Whereas closed-plan homes inhibit interaction on an evening, open-plan spaces combine the most important rooms in the home to create a large space to connect and socialise. This enables the whole family to be together whether you’re cooking, eating, doing homework or watching TV. This is particularly an advantage when it comes to keeping an eye on the little ones!

Flexibility and Flow

Open-plan areas offer the freedom and flexibility to design your home exactly how you’d like without the limitation of walls. As open-plan floors swap wall-space for living space, homeowners also gain extra room for additional furniture – this is great for families in need of extra storage space or sociable couples who require extra space to entertain guests.


It’s difficult enough to manoeuvre around schedules and create a gathering without the disappointment of one member being designated to the kitchen all evening to cook. With open-plan living, dining and kitchen space, you can make the most of parties and spend time with loved ones whilst still whipping up a stand-out meal.


Fewer walls means an open-plan living space is flooded with natural light all year round – these spaces are even brighter if, like our homes at Rosemeade, there are patio doors leading to the rear garden to act as a larger window.

Natural light throughout the day is great for relieving stress and improving sleep and has the added benefit of keeping electricity costs down in the home – especially with our intelligently glazed windows which trap UV light to increase the efficiency of our homes.