With rates reduced to an all-time low of 0.1% and stamp duty rates temporarily abolished for properties under £500,000, we asked Huddersfield-based estate agent Bramleys if we can expect some ‘lowest ever fixed rates’ to emerge in the coming months. Bramleys say they can’t be 100% certain but say that now is definitely the time to start planning and thinking ahead.

  • Will lenders start competing by offering lower rates? – Yes 
  • Might there be some better fixed rate mortgages coming along? – Very possibly. 
  • Will these deals stay around for a long time? – Possibly not, as this rate reduction appears to be a short-term dip.

For those wanting to grab a great mortgage rate and take advantage of the new £500,000 stamp duty threshold, Bramleys recommend you start thinking about the following:

  • Might now be the time to start looking for your new home? 
  • When does your current mortgage deal come to an end? 
  • Are you currently on your lender’s standard variable rate?
  • Could you be in a position a month or so from now to start looking for a new mortgage? Possibly with the lowest fixed rates ever on the market? 

Commenting on the 0.1% interest rate and increased £500,000 stamp duty threshold, Bramleys Director, Paul Keighley, said: ‘No one likes to miss the boat but this one might come and go fairly quickly – those best prepared are most likely to catch it.’

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