A digger-obsessed Sheffield schoolboy has had his dreams realised thanks to Erris Homes!

Year 4 pupil Archie was invited to a demonstration of various machines on site at our new Cloverleaf Court housing development after submitting a creative model of the construction site for his school’s egg decorating competition last month.

The model, inventively named ‘Eggscavation’, was based on our development of 13 new family homes and featured several toy diggers surrounded by eggs dressed as construction workers.

“Archie has been obsessed with diggers from a very young age, and as the site is so close to his school it made sense to base his design on the construction site at Cloverleaf Court,” explained mum Tracey. “As the development is on Main Road just next to Archie’s school, we pass the site every day and we always comment on the diggers or machinery on site.”

Getting to grips on site.

After Wharncliffe Primary School’s headmaster Mr Gaughan shared a picture of the model with Erris Homes, Archie was invited to see the diggers in action and meet with Erris Homes site manager Andy Rafton.

“We were all blown away by Archie’s submission and we are thrilled to have been able to thank him in a meaningful way,” commented Andy. “It was a pleasure to meet with him and not only chat about the various machines in operation but also escort him around the site and warn him of the dangers of entering a construction site unsupervised.”

Archie's cracking submission blew the Erris Homes team away.

In addition to an escort around the site, Erris Homes also presented Archie with a £25 book voucher and a new toy digger to add to his collection.

“Archie had a great time visiting the site last week and is very grateful for his new digger which he has since added it to his ‘fleet!’” said Tracey. “Hopefully one day he will be on a proper site with ‘big boy’s toys’ – until then, he will continue to dig up my garden!”

Commenting on Archie’s passion, Andy said: “It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm from someone so young and I can only hope that Archie continues to pursue this interest in later life. He is more than welcome to approach us again in a few years – there is definitely a work experience position with his name on it when he is old enough!”