With the rising cost of fuel causing all of us to hold our purse strings a little tighter, it seems that new-home owners are coming up trumps when it comes to paying their energy bills.

A new report conducted by leading property company Savills in light of the new energy price cap found that a new-build home is a whopping 55% more energy-efficient than secondhand stock!*

Whereas existing-home owners could expect to pay approximately £3,220 on their energy bills per year, new-home owners are saving approximately £1,770 annually with core energy costs (lighting, heating, and hot water) of just £1,450 per year– that’s less than £125 per month!

These savings are thanks to modern building practices and technology used by new home builders like Erris Homes, including combination boilers, well-insulated cavity walls, and water-saving facilities. For example, modern-day toilets save 1.5 litres of water per flush than toilets installed in the 1980s (this means that over a year, a family of four can save enough water to fill 70 baths!).†

Several mortgage lenders have also begun to offer ‘green mortgages’ which provide preferential interest rates or cashback to owners of energy-efficient homes.

We are pleased to say that, as a result of our energy-efficient building methods - which exceed regulations-, Erris homes offer an Energy Performance Certificate of either ‘A’ or ‘B’ – this is compared to just 2% of existing properties which are rated ‘B’!‡

Have you been considering moving into a new-build home in 2022? Browse our new homes across Yorkshire and you could be saving up to £1,770 a year on your energy bills by 2024!


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*https://www.eadt.co.uk/lifestyle/property/savills-research-on-rising-interest-energy-efficiency-9271552. These figures are based on detached homes. For semi-detached and terraced properties, the savings are 59% and 58% respectively (the equivalent of £1,602 and £1,534 a year), while for a flat it sits at 37% (£525). These figures don’t consider appliance use – such as washing machines, TVs, and cookers – so the bills will likely be higher and vary according to household.

†NHBC: nhbc.co.uk/media-centre/industry-news/2018/08/13/homes--out-with-the-old%2C-in-with-the-new

‡HBF: hbf.co.uk/news/new-build-homes-save-owners-629-a-year-on-energy-bills/