New homes for sale Yorkshire Garden Trends 2021

Main image credit: Aoba Landscapes

The sun is shining, beer gardens are opening up and the smell of summer is in the air. This can only mean one thing – it’s gardening season!

In celebration of #NationalGardeningDay, we’ve saved you the trouble of looking up how best to style your garden this summer and listed our top 4 trends to help you make the most of your garden during the warmer months. Take a look below and get inspired!

Split Levels

The pandemic has seen us rethink the primary purpose of every room inside our homes, so it’s no surprise that experts are taking the same approach to the outdoors.

Split level gardens are becoming increasingly popular with families who looking to zone off areas of the garden for different uses e.g., a barbecue area, a general relaxation area, and a play area for younger children. Steps leading to extended stretches of garden, decking, or a pathway also create a sense of journey and discovery according to London-based gardener Butter Wakefield.

Source: @Batellogardendesign on Instagram (left); @Lloydsgardensldn on Instagram (right).

Multifunctional spaces

Had enough of being indoors? We hear you! That’s why bringing elements of interior décor out into outdoor spaces is a rapidly growing trend, particularly with younger homeowners. 

Whereas some homeowners are crafting DIY bars in their back gardens, others are fashioning outdoor seating areas including sofas, rugs and cushions which are not only inviting but highly comfortable too! The wonderful thing about this trend is that you don’t necessarily need to invest in amending the layout of your garden to transform it into a multifunctional space, and there are outdoor furniture options to suit any budget and décor style.

Source: Ideal Homes (left); Tile Mountain (right). 

Raised garden beds

Endlessly versatile and highly decorative, raised garden beds are making a comeback in a big way. The elevated spaces offer greater accessibility, control over soil composition, improved drainage and better soil temperatures which can enable you to grow your plants faster.

Not only that, but you can also use raised garden beds to zone off areas of your garden (as outlined above), soften the edges of garden steps and add another layer of chic to your garden décor depending on the material you use to create the raised garden beds.

Source: Ideal Home (left); John Lewis & Waitrose (right).

Sunny styles

We’re all itching for a getaway abroad, but for many of us it seems we’ll be spending summer at home this year. Thankfully, the team at John Lewis have got us sorted with their Modern Mediterranean range which combines natural sun-drenched colours and rustic designs with a contemporary yet playful Scandinavian twist.

Enjoy the laidback and low-maintenance essence of modern Mediterranean living with minimalist planting palettes, pale coloured gravel and Tuscan colours to complete the look.

Don’t fancy doing the work to remodel your current garden? New homes for sale at Cloverleaf Court and Rosemeade have a range of garden styles available, including split level as standard!