Are you considering buying a new home? New-build homes are a popular option for both first-time buyers and those taking another step on the property ladder, and rightfully so. Here are eight reasons why a new-build house should be your new home. 


1. Design it your way

Untouched by questionable décor and poor DIY from previous owners, a new build home is a fresh start for you and your family. Whether you’re a clean and simple minimalist or an experimental eccentric, a new-build home is a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality from the day you collect your keys.

2. Designed for modern living

Designed for modern living, new build homes are equipped with the latest high-spec appliances and fittings to ensure maximum efficiency and air purity. Complete with central heating, double-glazed UV-trapping windows and thick insulation, new-build homes are estimated to generate around 60% less carbon dioxide emissions than older homes. This means you use less energy and do your bit for the planet whilst keeping more of your money in the bank!

3. Low-maintenance

The last thing you want to do after buying a new home is worry about maintenance costs for a leaky roof or boiler repairs. New build homes are built to meet the latest stringent regulations with durable and cutting-edge materials that are designed to last. Moreover, brand new homes come with lengthy warranties which offer greater peace of mind and let you enjoy your new home to the fullest.

Couple enjoying time at home

4. No chain

Just as there are no tenants from which to inherit gaudy décor, there are no tenants waiting to move out of a new-build home. Brand new homes are available to move into as soon as they’re completed, meaning you can move at your own pace with less stress and more certainty – great for first-time buyers and families!

5. Well-connected

You may be moving home, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave friends and family behind. New-build developments are carefully located to keep tenants well-connected to various transport links, ensuring your new home works for you and your career, as well as keeping your nearest and dearest only a train ride away.

6. Guaranteed parking

Fed up of having to park down the road from your house instead of right outside? A new-build home often comes complete with an in-built garage or lengthy driveway to reduce congestion and make access to your home as easy as possible. With a new-build home, you’ll no longer have to compete for parking space on a busy and overcrowded road - an added bonus on moving day!

Family having fun in their new home

7. Be part of a community

Some buyers may be daunted at the idea of moving into an already-established community. Tenants of new-build developments will often meet neighbours who are at similar stages of life as themselves and create an emerging community amongst themselves. This is a great way for first-time buyers to share their experience and settle into their new homes.

8. Support – Help to Buy

There was a time it cost an arm and a leg to afford a house deposit for your dream home. Now all it takes is a minimum 5% deposit with the government’s fantastic Help to Buy scheme available on new-build properties. The government will then lend up to 20% of your new home and won’t impose any loan fees for the first 5 years, perfect for first-time buyers looking to get a foot on the property ladder. With Help to Buy funding drying up for non-first-time buyers in April 2021, a new-build home complete with warranties and guarantees is a wise choice for those looking to sell their old home. 


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