Fancy getting a little experimental with your home décor in 2023? Is this the year you finally embrace that daring trend you’ve admired but never had the nerve to do? Here’s all the inspo you need to take the plunge and transform your home from average to exceptional!

Bold colour

Source: Design Milk

Colour is back in a big way for 2023! Many interior designers are drawing inspiration from the vibrant yet earthy tones of the 70s and 80s, including deep hues of green, orange, yellow and pink which tickle our nostalgia-thirsty tastebuds.

These colours are a natural evolution of the ‘back-to-basics’ trend in which designers favoured more natural colour palettes after the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. There’s a reason why so many designers and retailers have nods to nature in their vibrant Colours of the Year - ‘Terra Rosa,’ ‘Spanish Moss, ‘Raspberry Blush and ‘Vining Ivy’!

Dark ceilings

Source: Tamara Magel

This trend has been circling our peripheral vision for a while now, but it seems 2023 is the year that dark ceilings finally take interior mood boards by storm!

Dark ceilings are a spectacular way to add drama, sophistication, and personalisation to any home. Why not try this trend in a downstairs WC or utility room?

Checkerboard tiles

Source: House and Home

Checkerboard tiles are a fantastic way to infuse a sense of playfulness to any room, and we’ve been seeing more of them pop up on our Pinterest boards.

In typical 2023 style, designers and homeowners are reimagining this seemingly-tired trend by pairing checkerboard tiles with modern décor styles – and the results are stunning!

Coloured doors

Source: Moretti Interior Design

Forget accent walls, painting your internal doors is the current way to add personalisation to a new-build home!

Black, navy, and dark grey painted doors will infuse your home with a striking sense of drama and grandeur, while pastel and muted tones can help build on playful or calming moods – great for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries!

Bold marble

Source: Architectural Digest

Statement stone is a hot trend for 2023, and marble’s ability to elevate any room makes it even more visually appealing when it’s done right!

Take this craze to the next level with vibrant colours, interesting patterns and single-slab pieces which draw the eye – just like in YouTube star Emma Chamberlain’s stunning kitchen!

Retro wallpaper

Source: Lust Home

Interior designers are looking forward to a resurgence in bold, abstract and geometric 1970s-style wallpaper this year, and they expect the trend to continue throughout the 2020s.

Prints such as these work well in rooms with high energy, such as hallways and kitchens, but can also be used to add personality and playfulness to bathrooms and home offices.  

Have you taken inspiration from these 2023 trends? A new-build home is the perfect blank canvas on which to bring your vision to life and really make your home your own!

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