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While many of us will have worked from the dining room table or the living room sofa at some point over the past few years, home office users will know the struggle of trying to maintain a clean and tidy workspace in a room with little else but a desk, a chair, and a single set of drawers!

If you feel like you’re drowning in clutter but don’t know where to start, these expert tips will help you regain control of your workspace and create a beautifully efficient home office.

Pain points

The first step when approaching office organisation is to identify what you want to achieve. Is paperwork piling up? Do you feel like you’re constantly running out of room on your desk? Do you feel demotivated by your workspace? The questions will help you identify your pain points and highlight which areas cause you the most stress.

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Decluttering can be a daunting task to even the most organised individuals, so it’s no wonder we tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to cutting down on clutter!

1. It’s easier to start small and tackle clutter on a category-by-category basis. Stationery is a good place to start – do you really need more than three pens? What about that highlighter that ran out six months ago? It’s also definitely time to say goodbye to that rock-hard ball of Blu Tack…

2. Sort paperwork into three piles: file, action, and waiting on action. Keep paperwork you use every day in a paper tray, and file it or digitise paperwork you don’t check regularly.

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3. Only keep items on your desk that you use every day. Having one or two decorative items on your desk is okay, but it’s good to practice a one-in-one-out policy a la Marie Kondo!

4. Paper to-do lists are so 2021! Digitise your to-do list with free online tools such as Trello and Any.do.

5. Use a label maker to ensure everything has its place – you’ll be more likely to stick to your newly-organised ways and it will help other people who many need to find, use, or put away anything in your home office.

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6. Go wireless where possible! Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and speakers are the perfect solution for messy desks. If you don’t fancy buying new tech, invest in a cable tray or cable ties.

7. Explore different lighting options. A single table lamp takes up valuable desk space, whereas a floor lamp or wall-mounted lamps free up your desk and help tie a room together.

8. Looking to go the extra mile? Set aside a couple of hours to declutter your computer desktop and organise your digital files – you’ll thank yourself later!

Be efficient

One of the best things about a study room in a new build home is being able to style it however you like from day one – this means you can make your space as efficient as possible!

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1. Opt for floor space over wall space. Over-desk shelving not only looks great, but it also gives you easy access to everything you need right from your normal working station, making it a super-efficient solution! Why not maximise your floor space and opt for wall-to-wall shelving instead?

2. Make it enjoyable - if you love your workspace, you’re more likely to be productive! A home office in a new-build home is a blank canvas for you to decorate and style however you want, but this doesn’t just mean you can only have fun with wallpaper and furniture. Why not experiment with wicker storage baskets and fabric folders for a more sophisticated and welcoming feel?

3. Go green! Not only do plants look great, but they are also proven to have a soothing effect and can help decrease drowsiness.

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4. Work around your habits. If you know you like to graze throughout the day, why not keep a desk drawer stocked full of snacks so you don’t make multiple trips to the kitchen? A Bluetooth cup warmer and a smart mug are also smart investments if you’re always letting your brew go cold!

Finally, the most crucial step in organising your home office is keeping it routine!

We recommend setting aside five minutes each day to have a quick tidy, half an hour each week to clean, and an hour each month to re-organise if you need it.

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