Home inspo to boost your mental wellbeing

When we move into a new home, we all have visions of creating a calm and stress-free sanctuary away from the anxieties of modern life. We want our homes to be a sacred place to relax, recharge and enjoy spending time with our families - but how do we achieve this? Whether you’re re-decorating your current home or you’re planning for pastures new, our top interior design tips should help you boost your mental wellbeing and transform your home into a soothing haven for the whole family.


The easiest way to include an essence of serenity in your home is to bring the outside in.

Fresh flowers and potted plants release lots of oxygen and moisture, purifying the air and making for easier breathing which helps you stay relaxed. Real plants also absorb sound, which is great for those living in close proximity to roads and parks. Opt for plants such as rubber trees, peace lilies and philodendrons which are low maintenance and have soothing dark green foliage.

Plants in the home inspiration

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Secret storage

Is your clutter getting the best of you? Under-bed storage, ottomans and bench seats are perfect for concealing unsightly clutter such as books, children’s toys and cables, and help to ease the sense of flow throughout your home.

Adding extra storage makes a room feel put together and creates a welcoming environment in which to relax and unwind.

Storage solutions in the home

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Less is more

Simplicity is key when transforming your home into the ultimate zen den. While patterns are key to adding character to any room, too many contrasting elements can disrupt your home’s energy and unsettle your mood. Sticking to one or two staple patterns and textures helps to balance your home and create a greater sense of harmony.

Simple Minimalist Home Decor

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Calming Colours

We all know that colour can have a huge impact on our mood, so choosing a calming colour palette is essential when de-stressing your home. Earthy neutral tones such as rich browns, off-whites and light greys are go-tos when creating a sense of peace and look great with any type of decor. These base colours can be contrasted with darker tones of blue and green or complemented with blush pinks and clay colours such as terracotta and saffron.

Calming colours in the home

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Soften the edges

Introducing soft fabrics and rounded furniture can also do wonders to make your home cosy and inviting.

A sense of calm is all about gratifying your senses - sharp edges and smooth surfaces such as glass table tops and wooden floors can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. Shaggy rugs, textured drapes and scatter blankets immediately add warmth and soften any harsh angles, and rounded furniture will instantly make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Rounded furniture in the home

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