Summer is on its way, and with it brings gardening season!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener itching to get back outside or a greenhouse novice who can’t think of anything worse than maintaining shrubs in your spare time, you’re sure to take inspiration from these top gardening trends.

Vertical planting

Vertical planting isn’t just for those with smaller gardens – homeowners with pets and small children will love this interesting outdoor feature!

Be it a fence, a metal cage or upcycled wood, you can make this ‘living wall’ as rustic or as modern as you like. Ferns, succulents, begonias and vines all thrive in vertical gardens, and you can even grow cucumbers, tomatoes and peas!

Living plant wall, Erris Homes

Image credit: Dobbies


Acclimatising to climate change

The UK has seen its fair share of extreme weather over the past couple of years, so it’s no surprise that gardening experts are increasingly favouring drought-resistant and self-sustaining plants.

Designer Sue Townsend MSGD recommends choosing the right plants for the conditions of your garden, storing water and allowing excess water to be collected then dissipated through the soil. Aside from the obvious cactuses and succulents, agave plants are eye-catching feature flowers requiring little water and maintenance, as are lavender plants, poppies and rose campion.

Resilient gardening, Erris Homes


Inside out

Boundaries between the indoors and out are becoming increasingly blurred, with garden designers reporting increased sales of outdoor décor and sophisticated furniture such as sofas, rugs and solar lighting.

Joe Perkins MSGD recommends simplicity and repetition when dressing your outdoor space.

Consistency with your indoor décor is also key – think clay-coloured tiles and industrial and reclaimed materials to stay on-trend in your garden and home this summer!

Outdoor garden furniture, Erris Homes



Loose, meadow-like gardens are on the rise as more of us are adopting a wildlife-friendly approach to our gardens, and this is only expected to increase in 2019.

Whether it’s including a hedgehog house in a secluded corner, planting pollinators such as the Mexican sunflower and the butterfly weed or hanging up an extra bird house, there are a variety of easy ways to make your garden a hub of wildlife activity. Take a look at this RSPB article for more ideas on how to make your garden a hotspot for nature.

Wildlife-friendly gardening


Living coral

Similar to how this gorgeous hue has taken over our interiors (think sun-kissed terracotta fabrics), everything’s set to be just peachy in the garden this summer with many of us taking inspo from Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral.

Apricot begonias are a great way to liven up hanging baskets and window boxes on a budget, and peach-coloured echinacea are perfect for those seeking a wilder meadow-like look. We also love this hot coral outdoor 'Lois Sofa' from M&S and this super-affordable throw from Harry Corry for those chilly summer nights out on the patio. 

Living Coral plants for the garden, Erris Homes

Image credit: Longfield Gardens

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