With the rising cost of fuel causing all of us to hold our purse strings a little tighter, it seems that new-home owners are coming up trumps when it comes to paying their energy bills.

A report by leading housebuilding research company NHBC Foundation found that a new-build home is a whopping 57% more energy-efficient than a Victorian home which has undergone some modern improvements!*

Whereas Victorian-home owners could expect to pay approximately £2,460 on their energy bills per year, new-home owners are saving £1,410 annually with energy bills of just £1,050 per year– that’s less than £88 per month!

New home owners save £1,400 on energy bills

These savings are thanks to modern building practices and technology used by new home builders like Erris Homes, including combination boilers, well-insulated cavity walls, and water-saving facilities. For example, modern-day toilets save 1.5 litres of water per flush than toilets installed in the 1980s (this means that over a year, a family of four can save enough water to fill 70 baths!).†

Another recent study has discovered that only 35% of homes in Yorkshire have an energy performance certificate of 'C' or above. We are pleased to say that as a result of our energy-efficient building methods - which exceed regulations-, Erris homes offer an Energy Performance Certificate of either ‘A’ or ‘B’ – this is compared to just 2% of existing properties which are rated ‘B’!‡

We have a few suggestions on how Erris homeowners could spend their £1,400 savings…

New home owners save £1,400 on energy bills

£1,400 could buy you: 

  • 409 pints of beer (avg £3.42 per pint in Yorkshire)
  • 48 hours of driving lessons, theory test fees, and practical test fees (lessons avg £26 per hour in Yorkshire)
  • 132 Sunday dinners - that's more than two a week! (avg £10.58 in Leeds)
  • £280 Vue cinema tickets, or 70 trips to the cinema for a family of four (£4.99 per ticket)

Wow - that's a fantastic saving on energy bills! But that's not all - new-home owners can make their money go even further by having a read of Erris Homes' top tips for saving energy in a new-build home.

Have you been considering moving into a new-build home in 2022? Browse our new homes across Yorkshire and you could be saving up to £1,400 a year on your energy bills by 2023!


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