Welcome to Barnsley

Visitors to Barnsley won’t be short of things to do. The South Yorkshire location is packed with famous places of interest and some fantastic hidden gems. Barnsley town centre boasts a range of independent shops, high street stores and is home to one of the most popular markets in South Yorkshire. If you venture further into the outskirts of the town and into neighbouring villages, visitors will discover hidden locations with excellent shopping opportunities and farm shops fully stocked with exceptional local produce.

Barnsley's local culture remains embedded in its industrial heritage of coal, mining and glassmaking. There are plenty of places visitors can discover Barnsley and find out more about its rich history and things to do. Surrounded by ancient villages, historic parkland and bordering onto the Peak District, Barnsley has some excellent places to visit for those wanting to relax and get back to nature.

History of Barnsley

Barnsley is a large town located in South Yorkshire. It has a rich heritage borne from its industrial past of glassmaking, linen production and coal mining. With plenty of historic attractions, green space and surrounded by ancient villages, Barnsley is a fantastic place to live.

Geography of Barnsley

Barnley’s linen trade was at its height in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was made possible by the towns natural resources of coal and fresh water that were used in the manufacturing process. The linen industry that was so  influential in the growth of the town is now recognised with a sculpture of a loom that is located on Sheffield Road. Glass making was also another trade that was prevalent in the Barnsley in the 18th century, with the production of bottles and other items being manufactured here.

Demographics of Barnsley

In 2011 there was a population of  approximately 91,300 people living in Barnsley.

Economy of Barnsley

Coal mining was the last big industrial activity, however this declined by the 1950’s and the last coal mine shut in 1994. Now there are more modern day economic activities such as a fulfilment centre for the ecommerce business ASOS being based here.

Transport in Barnsley

Barnsley Interchange provides access to trains and buses  with good access to nearby towns and cities for those who commute to and from work.

Schools and Education in Barnsley

There are plenty of pre-school, primary and high schools in the area making Barnsley a good place to raise a family. Barnsley College provides a resource for those who are interested in  higher education, and the University of Huddersfield is within a decent travelling distance.

Arts and Culture in Barnsley

There are museums and heritage sites in Barnsley for those who want to understand the towns history. There are theatres, a fantastic live music scene and Barnsley is also renowned for its brass bands.

Things to do in Barnsley

The Alhambra centre is a shopping complex for those of us who enjoy some retail therapy. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Barnsley including Cannon Hall, which has a museum and park and gardens and Wentworth Castle, a Grade 1 listed house which is steeped in history.